Marathon Training 2020: Week 9

Monday, October 12, 2020

We are halfway through this training season. I'm amazed at how quickly time flies. I am starting to feel the tiredness that training brings. You're always tired when you do all I do as a wife and mom but marathon training helps you sleep a little deeper. Ha ha!

This week I tried to follow everything my training plan asked me to do. Other than that, I am making myself complete 2 days of cross-training.  

Last season, I did strength training pretty often. I found that it helped me stay strong all season long. I am doing the same things this season. The difference is that instead of running 3 times a week, I'm running 4 times a week. I am resting twice a week which is very important to recover from all the training days. 

I learned that in order to complete my training I need to work out twice a day once a week. It hasn't been fun but it has made me stronger. 

It's amazing that in order to do something extreme, your muscles need to get stronger. You can't just run, you have to get stronger in order to go the distance. 

When you run more than one marathon, you constantly think of seasons past. At least I do. I often think about my greatest lessons. How did I push past discomfort? I felt like this before: what did I do again? This is my favorite thought of late: "at the end, it's one medal per neck. I need to run to earn my medal." 

When you run more than one marathon, you learn from your mistakes. It has taken me a while but I am learning from my mistakes. 

Each run teaches me something. The important thing is to learn and move on. This week, I learned that I need to commit to my personal plan. For a while there, I was just running. I decided to commit to my plan to PR. 

I decided that following a pacing plan was smart and eventually, it will pay off. I decided that sleep is my friend. I also decided that the fitter I am, the better marathon day will be. 

I'm halfway to my goal. I'm determined to stay strong. I am committed to my personal plan. Thanks for joining me in this journey! 

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