33 Days to Dream

Saturday, November 28, 2020


Let's pretend that 2020 didn't happen. Next, let's take the things we can control into consideration. 

When we do that, we realize that we have God-given abilities. I would love to talk about your ability to dream. 

I'm not speaking about the dreaming you do at night but the dreams you have for yourself. 

Every human being has the ability to dream of a better situation. While it is unrealistic to simply "dream our problems away" we can all focus on the things we can control when it comes to becoming the person God created us to be. 

Here is a thing you probably don't know about me. When I'm in deep trouble, after I'm done praying, running, and talking to my husband about it, I dream. 

A few months ago, I was experiencing what I call deep trouble. I was interpersonal conflict-related if you are wondering how deep of trouble I was in. The summer was hot and the day was not ending soon enough. 

The thing about being an adult is, no matter how many problems you have, you still have to do all that God called you to do. That day, I was called to drive happy kids to swim lessons. I was also called to wait for them so we all could head home together for dinner. 

I decided to sit in the car and enjoy the AC. My trouble was all I could think about. I had prayed about it. I read my Bible that day. I also went on a run that morning. I had done everything humanly possible to cope with that situation but still, no relief. 

I decided to pick up a pen and I started to dream. In my notebook, I wrote down a structural way to fix that interpersonal conflict. I added details. I even wrote about feelings I wanted to experience as a result of that new structural concept. I felt better at the end. That feeling lasted for a little while. 

Dreaming didn't fix the root cause of my problem but it injected much-needed hope in my soul. Before writing down that dream, I didn't clearly see a hopeful solution to my situation. 

The act of writing allowed me to physically do something about a situation. I wasn't stuck afterall. Writing helped me change my perspective and move towards a solution. 

Realisticallty, dreaming will not fix anything outside of your area of control. Realistically, dreaming will fix only what you can control, which is your attitude. 

You have to allow yourself to go from hopeless to hopeful. Dreaming will help you with that. 

Let's take the things you can control into consideration again. What can you dream about? Take some time in the next 33 days to write down your dreams. Small steps will get you where you need to be. 

Regardless of external circumstances, God has blessed you with the ability to dream. So dream big.