Sunday Seven

Sunday, November 15, 2020

1. Nothing and no one is beyond God's redemptive hand. Change your perspective to match God's greatness.

2. God's peace gives me calm and courage to face every circumstance I face.

3. Praying more is the solution. Reading the Bible more intently, immersing myself in it works. Trust me. 

4. Friends are an incredible gift. I've seen God use them to show me incredible love and kindness. 

5. Thanksgiving can be more than a holiday. When it is a lifestyle, you will find yourself living a different life. True thanksgiving comes from an inner life submitted to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

6. Running is a gift. I am constant thankful to God that I get to run.

7. My husband and I are getting close to the season where we have been together longer than we have been single. I'm so excited and thankful. I am incredibly blessed to be Zeke's wife and the mother of our children. He is the greatest gift I have this side of heaven.