Marathon Training Week 14

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Last weekend I ran 14 miles with the group. It was hotter than usual. My pace wasn't ideal but I told myself, just cover the miles. 

Today, I decided to rest instead of doing long for me mileage. Around mid-morning, one of our friends alerted us that our in-person marathon was canceled. Not "went virtual" but just canceled. 

I immediately canceled my hotel reservation. I wasn't expecting this but it is what it is. It would be interesting to look back and think, "remember that year that both of the marathons we signed up for were canceled"? 

Thankfully, my A race went virtual. My goal is to finish the training and run it in town with friends. 

Distance running is all about adjusting. You adjust your pace when it gets hotter than usual. You adjust your routes. You adjust your nutrition and hydration to be sure you are strong til the end. If I didn't learn anything about COVID, I learned that I need to be okay with adjusting constantly. Adjust is not bad, it just makes the journey better. 

I can stop and pout but I trained for 14 out of 18 weeks. I am too close to turn around. I'm going to keep going. 

 I appreciate your prayers for me as I run my 20-miler this weekend. It will be our longest run before the big day. I volunteered to put water and gatorade out in the course for the 20-miler. I hope to be encouraging to others and to enjoy the run myself. 

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