Sunday Seven

Sunday, November 22, 2020


Thanksgiving has been challenging during a difficult year. 
Still, I want to be thankful for things, small and big such as:

1. Children laughing, playing, and even screaming. Their joyful noises remind me that childhood is a gift I am enjoying again thanks to my little ones.

2. My kids' ability to celebrate others. It's been a difficult skill to teach. It pays off when they are genuinely happy for others. When they enjoy celebrating someone else's big day. It is a joy to see them want to plan ways to make others happy on their big day. 

3. My husband's amazing heart for me. I've said this before. Being married to me is not easy. Zeke has been nothing but loving, patient, and completely great to me in every way. I am grateful he chose to marry me.

4. I'm grateful for sunrises. The kids and I see the sunrise often. The beauty it brings reminds me of God's power and genius. Sunrises are visually masterful. They give me hope and they fill me with awe. Only a great God could create such amazing work.

5. WW sisterhood. There are some brothers there but mostly, sisters. They have supported me through ups and downs this year. They caused me to laugh, to persist, and to succeed. Doing something difficult is better with the support of other women. I'm so grateful to their empowerment and support. 

6. Health. I am grateful for health. I pray that I can always do my part. I pray that I can help and encourage others in their health journey.

7. I'm grateful for you and your readership. I hope to inspire you, one word at a time.