Sunday Seven

Sunday, November 8, 2020

1. This week we voted and we just heard the result of the US elections. Here is what I wrote about my experience on social media: "I think about my African ancestors being dragged to foreign lands. I think about the bloodshed here in America in order for people like me to have the rights we enjoy as descendants of Africans. Once I became an American Citizen, I registered to vote and I voted in a minor election. Today is not my first time voting.

I’ve known about the importance of voting because of exercising this right and duty in Brasil. I’m
Committed to voting. My reasons are unique to me because of my background, citizenship and my character. One thing I know.
“I AM the dream and the hope of the slave.” I rise, I vote and I will continue to contribute to the well-being of my community and its people."

2. This week, my marathon training friends and I spent some time together at an outdoor's women conference. I enjoyed the company (of course) but I truly appreciated God's presence and the message that my heart received. 

3. I am determined to spend more time with God. I know that even the most seasoned saints will admit, we can all get near to God a little bit more. How? I'll occupy my extra time with more of God's presence.

4. Last week I wrote a lot about being low. I can say that being low does not last forever. Hallelujah to God for raising us higher. Hallelujah to His messengers who come along to encourage us. 

5. I'm getting close to the end of my Bible in One Year reading. Which means the year is almost done. Of course, I will read the Bible again next year but I will study it way more than I did it this year. 

6. I received a good lesson on what to do with things I can't control. Thank God for mentors who listen to us and invest in our lives. 

7. Zeke and I had our first date 17 years ago this week. I can't thank God enough for the gift my husband is to me. My prayer is that I can be all God called me to be for Zeke and our family.