MWLISS: Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 7, 2020

I'm so close to my second goal! I hope to get there soon. Thanksgiving is almost here. Looking back, I remember the holiday season used to be a nightmare. 

One year, I gained a lot of weight. Then, I educated myself and learned how many calories I was actually eating. Knowing caused me to plan better. I learned that I can enjoy the holiday without overeating. I've learned what to do when things become stressful. I learned what I can control.

This year, I want to apply the lessons I learned over the years. I want to track my food and I want to lose weight during thanksgiving week. 

I also want to enjoy family. I want to get together and thank God for His many blessings. Thankfulness for what we have is more important than anything else. 

So I will be thankful and remain thankful.

WW start weight: 175 lbs
First Goal: 150 lbs
Second Goal: 146 lbs
Third Goal: 136 lbs