How enjoy Christmas 2020

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The holiday season has always been festive for me. I believe that in 2020, I can create amazing family memories if I allow God's word to guide me and my life to teach me what works best for us. 

If you are in search of how to enjoy this year's Christmas season, I hope these tips will be helpful. 

Observe Advent - Even if you start late, observing Advent helps you enjoy Christmas more. During advent, we basically wait for Christmas while reading Scriptures related to the birth of Jesus. We sing Christmas songs and we read books related to Christmas during this season too. December is a long month and Christmas is the highlight of it. Advent makes arriving at Christmas a sweet, joyful journey. 

Be realistic - If you never had the Christmas Card thing down before 2020, don't start now. I never got the cookie baking thing down and I'm not going to try it this year. Being realistic is not being pessimistic. You just realize that what you have is enough and who you are is great. 

Reach out to friends - This is such a great season to reach out to friends and family from far and near. Let go of the guilt of having to do more and be more. Start from where you are and reach out. Reach out with love, encouragement and hope that things will get better. No relationship is static. Either you are growing or regressing. Be sure your relationship grows and flourishes. 

Study the Season - I'm amazed at how many people do not know what Christmas is all about. Take time to study the Season. Instead of going to different sources, go straight to the Bible. Nothing like the Author Himself telling you about His story. It will be a game-changer. Ask me how I know. 

I hope you enjoy this Christmas season. No matter what was, God is all about restoring and blessing you.