4 easy ways to organize your home

Monday, December 7, 2020


The hardest part of organizing a home is getting started. Today, I want to tell you how I start organizing my home, one small step at a time. 

1. Write down a plan. I grab a pen and paper and I write a plan. Most times, I don't have time to organize an entire house. I do have time for a room or an area. My plan is often simple. I write things such as "declutter kitchen cabinet" or "organize linen closet." 

2. Find time to execute the plan. We don't suffer from awareness of a problem area in our homes. The issue is often finding time to execute the plan. I recently wanted to simplify my bookshelves. I was too busy to do for 5 weeks. My husband and I had a break from work one day so I finally found the time to execute the plan. Time is the currency of home organization. Without it you can't truly organize your home. You don't need a lot of time, just a little will do.

3. Make the execution fun. The day I organized the bookshelves, I turned on some music. I also made sure the kids were settled and on their own for a little while. Sometimes, I save a special podcast episode for execution time. I also have a cup of tea ready for when I finish the execution part. Including fun helps me to stay with my plan of organizing my home. 

4. Do it all over again. I learned that organization is not a one time deal. I have to committ to organizing my home over and over again. Once I make peace with organizing my home, I can pretty know what I need to do in order to have organized spaces. 

What are some easy ways you organize your home?