Sunday Seven

Sunday, December 6, 2020

1. Commit to do the hard work. Every week this year has been busy. I can’t allow “busy” to stop me from doing the hard work required to reach my goals as a wife, mother, person. It’s never easy to go from dream to done. Hard work paves the way.

2. Listen to a friend. I learn a lot from my friends. This week, no matter how busy I was, I had the honor to sit with a few friends and just listen to their story. What a gift.

3. Don’t complain. This was my greatest challenge this year. In December, I find that complaining is not worth it. Trust me, it makes life more difficult.

4. Advent is life-giving. This season has infused my home and family with joy. Advent, the Bible way, brings unexpected delight to the soul. The Scriptures, songs, and reflections fill our soul with hope. Hope endures. If you are in a dry place, I suggest observing Advent the way the Bible guides us to do it.

5. People watching in my new hometown has been super interesting. I saw someone dress up a mannequin and leave it in her passenger seat while she went shopping. She sat in the car (some kind of corvette) for a while. The bad wig and the ear shape of the mannequin let me know that couldn’t possibly be a real human.

6. Marathon training season came to a close. This was my first full year of training in East Texas. This land and its people made me better. I couldn’t have possibly expected to get better, but I did. I’m thankful.

7. I appreciate your prayers as I run my 7th marathon next week. This season was so challenging yet so special. God blessed me thus far and I know He’ll be with me as I cross the finish line and beyond. Thanks in advance!