Sunday Seven

Saturday, December 26, 2020


These are quotes from the top post written in 2020 here at the blog. Thanks for reading!

1• When you see the good in others, communicate it. You never know the life you're impacting. 

2• Reading the Bible is not supposed to feel like an amusement park ride daily. It is also not meant to be boring. 

3• I am not denying the existence of stress and anxiety. I know too well how real these feelings are. I am denying its place of influence in my life by taking daily acts of trust in God. 

4• The mothers who raised me were fierce, fearless, and well respected in the community. Every time I walked into a neighborhood with my grandmothers, the atmosphere of heaven walked in at the same time. 

5• Life doesn't care that you set a goal. Life will give you obstacles. How you handle these obstacles is the key to making progress towards your goals.

6• What about the unexpected obstacles that come our way? We trust God to infuse us with grace to face each one. He is a very present help in times of trouble. God is for us, no matter what we face. 

7• As you enjoy this new year God is giving you, remember there are new opportunities ahead. Only those with resolve will be able to face difficulties and reach their goals.  Resolve is the result you get when your courage is tested. You will pass your test. You will gain wisdom.