What I learned this Fall 2020

Monday, December 21, 2020

I learned a lot about myself this Fall. I honestly would not have chosen the path that led me here but it caused me to grow. I am grateful for the tough moments that allow me to grow. Here are my Fall lessons:

• In order to grow, one must be willing. I can't tell you how many times I had the opportunity to grow but I chose to close myself to such opportunities. I learned that I need to be willing to listen to the voices of wisdom around me. I also need to be willing to do what it takes to grow. Growing and maturing is not easy but I really don't want to be the same. 

• There's a fine balance between being yourself and making other people comfortable. I thought about this a lot this Fall. I am fully committed to being myself. I also understand that I need to relate to people. I am choosing to believe that I can be comfortable in my own skin while being understanding of others. I can't be responsible for everyone else's insecurity about who they are. I can be understanding of them while being fully secure in who God created me to be. 

• Every Fall goes by so fast. This year, we decided to decorate for Christmas earlier than usual. That made me a little sad so we stayed between pumpkins and the Christmas tree for a spell. I love the Fall and everything about the Fall. Next year, I guess I need to live it up since day one, just in case we decide to extend the Christmas decor season.

• You need to be assured of your God-given potential. I had a few experiences where people I know and love spoke about my potential. I told them, I was happy and grateful for their words because that's what I always believed about myself. I'm not sure when a person is supposed to be sure of their God-given potential. It takes a bit long for some, a shorter amount of time for others. I realized that whenever you get a glimpse of your God-given potential, you need to hold on to it with all you have. You need to think about it and encourage yourself with it. Most people can't do that for you. Also, God gave you the potential but He's not responsible for fulfilling it. 

• I started to pay attention to the phrases I repeat a few years ago. I also pay attention to the prayers I repeatedly pray. I won't tell you about what they are, except to say that those words reveal a lot about what's in my heart. I always hope that my prayers are God guided and given. I pray that my words are pleasing to God. 

• After spending many months complaining (ha!) I was challenged to go on a no complaint challenge. I failed on day one. Then, I decided to try again. I learned that God blessed those who have the opposite of a complaining attitude. He is so good. It took a change of heart to see that complaining is a waste of time. 

• Time waits for no one. I spent 18 weeks training for a marathon. I am amazed at how quickly that time came and went. I learned that one must plan and take small steps toward execution. Time goes by fast. We need to act towards the results we want to see. 

• There is a lot of good in the world. Where? Look inward. Look inside of your home. Look for Christ. 

• I need to hear more of the good news instead of the regular news. The news cycle easily discourages. I learned that the good news of Jesus must have priority in my ears. 

• I learned all over again what a gift my husband and kids are to me. I'm amazed at how God blessed me with Zeke and our kids. All I want to do is to serve them well. I want to work so they can succeed in life. I want to love, nurture, and empower them with all I am. 

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