Why read the Bible in One Year

Monday, December 28, 2020

A few days ago, I decided to go ahead and finished reading the entire Bible. My goal was to read the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation in one year. This is a habit I developed almost 6 years ago. 

Thanks to a community of friends who were committed to God and His word, I was influenced to read the Bible in one year as a habit. 

I needed the words of the Bible this year. The year is not over yet and we can all agree that this has been an extremely challenging time for everyone. 

My only solace has been God's word. True peace that will make a heart calm can only be found in God's words. So I read. 

I read during bad days. I read during good days. When I got late, I read it anyway. I read the Bible because it was a lifeline. 

A lot of people were begging people to get on Zoom to practice different activities. Very few of those will have an eternal impact. I knew that making Bible reading a priority was going to benefit me between now and until I see God face-to-face. 

This year, reading the Bible was not about showing the world that I'm such a good Christian. I basically grabbed the Bible with desperation. It wasn't about reading so I could share an amazing revelation with you. I needed the God of the Bible desperately, so I read His words. 

No one outside of God knows what awaits us in 2021. I am trusting God all the way. I had a sense that some unexpected things would happen in 2020. My thought was that for each unexpected obstacle, God could give us grace. 

It was easier to see, feel and embrace God's grace when my mind was soaked in His very words. 

I am planning on reading the Bible again in 2021. I invite you to join me. 

I use the YouVersion App. The plan I recommend is The Bible Project plan. If you don't want to use an App, use your own Bible. The important thing is to remember that the 10 to 15 minutes a day you spend reading will lead you to know God better. He is our great reward, no matter what the year has brought us. 

Let's trust God. Let's read His word. Let's pursue Him together. Join me?