Unapologetically Black

Friday, February 5, 2021

Racism and prejudice are alive and well. This I know for sure. While I won’t bore you with specific examples of my recent experiences, I will tell you this: older Caucasians are not the only guilty ones. I’ve seen millennials practice racism. I’ve seen Hispanics practice too. I’ve been both on the receiving and observing side.

I’ve seen it in the most diverse county of the country. I’ve seen it in the least diverse too. 

Racism and prejudice are alive and well. This I know for sure. 

While people pretend this isn’t true, racism lives on. 

While people do what is the new politically correct thing to do (read a list of books, invite a few Black folk to visit their social clubs and dismiss them so they can get back to business as usual), racism lives on. 

While people pretend like we don’t get continually discriminated against, racism lives on. 

Racism and prejudice are alive and well and that’s why I feel like it is important to be fully committed to be all God made me to be: unapologetically Black. 

I know it bothers people. I know it is intimidating. I know it is seen as aggressive. I’m okay with all of that because regardless of what people think and say, I have to answer to God one day. 

When I do, I want to be sure that I honor the gift of being Black. 

This gift comes with responsibilities. What I know for sure is that God meant for me to walk with my head held high. He gave my ancestors strength, resilience and faith to overcome obstacles so I could live the life I have today. 

So while racism and prejudice are still an unfortunate reality, I choose to live what I know for sure. God loves me and He made me who I am. 

I am unapologetically Black.