Tuesday, February 2, 2021


Last night, I arrived at my last appointment for the day: small group. I enjoy small group because we slowly reflect on God's word. We also share how we can apply it in our everyday life. 

Towards the end of our time together, I asked: "what is God requiring of you?" 

My question was towards someone else but today, I am answering it.

I'm no different than any working mothers out there. My schedule is tight. My priority is my family, my faith, and my health. 

I also sympathize with the future opportunities working women have. I have been thinking about how to better use my time. Let me be more specific.

When you are busy, multiple future opportunities present themselves. They arrive in different ways: 

• Someone watches your work ethic and they invite you to lead;
• Someone you don't know well observes your life and asks you to join a group they're in. 
• Someone has worked with you in the past and you caused them so much success that they want to do it again. 

There is nothing wrong with these scenarios. Being a good professional should ensue future invitations. The issue is, what if God requires something different for this season of your life?

God and family come first for me. 

I've been burned out by overcommitment before. I learned from those difficult times. 

When I see opportunities ahead of me, I ask: what is God requiring of me? The answer is, to be faithful to Him as I care for my family first. 

This answer does not mean that I will not say yes to opportunities. The answer fortifies my resolve to do what will matter when I stand before God.

Right now, I can say that I stuck with what I can do: God, family, work, church, health. I am pretty sure that in the future, I will have more opportunities to do other things.

For now, I find comfort in the fact that the God who empowered me is the God who gives me the wisdom to choose what's right. 

The right choice is not always easy but it is peaceful. The right choice is not always convenient but I can know God will bless it. 

So friend, what is God requiring of you?