Monday, April 12, 2021

Every now and then I had this thought: "I've been a lot of things but I haven't been physically strong yet." It took me many years to do something about it. 
I decided to try CrossFit after seeing people I admire practice it with so much grace. I asked them for advice and support. My husband told me a while ago I should try it too. So I did.  

Being new at a sport is quite humbling. Still, I'm determined to learn how to get better. Each time I show up, I learn something new about the sport and about myself. 

It is tough to recognize but I can only work so many muscles with running (which I still love and always will). CrossFit introduced the opportunity for other areas of my body to get stronger. 

I asked my coach what I could do to get my upper body stronger. He said, "pain." He smiled and said, just keep showing up. I told him I was determined to put in the work.

It's amazing how much we learn from pain. We all avoid it but the right kind of pain makes us stronger because it develops strength in us.

I don't think CrossFit is for everybody just like running is not for everybody. But if like me, you always wanted to give it a try, you should.