Dream big: it will happen

Monday, April 12, 2021

 I was brand new in Texas but I got my second civic speaking engagement. I was to teach a class on social media for business. 

I drove to the address and I set up my presentation. I was asked to provide my bio so I could be properly introduced. A gentleman read my bio and he chuckled at the end as he read "she hopes to run a marathon one day." 

I didn't think my dream was funny. Still, I proceeded to start and finish my presentation with enthusiasm. At the end, he shook my hand and I drove 45 minutes home. I thought about my dream and I kept working on it, one step at a time. 

Now that I completed 7 marathons, I know it is not about the finish time, it is about the finish line. A lot of people dream, start working on it but never cross the finish line. 

I am determined to continue to work on my goals until I complete them. 

Recently, I shared a big goal with two individuals. Their reaction was rather doubtful. I recognized it because I've been in the receiving end of such reactions before. 

I also remembered that the role of doubters is to doubt. My role is to take small steps towards completing my goal. 

This is not an invitation to hate your doubters. It is a clarification of what their purpose truly is. The goal of the doubter is to cast confusion in your mind. The truth is that doubters are completely irrelevant to your goal-achieving process. 

I am learning to be okay with the presence of doubters. I don't mind their chuckles and mocking reactions. What I do mind is making sure their negativity does not get to my psyche. 

I am encouraging you to dream big because it will happen. 

It will happen because your dream is God-initiated. What God blesses, a doubter can't curse. What God gives, no one can take away. If God is for you, who can be against you?

Sure, the journey to any worthy goal presents obstacles. Don't let doubters be a relevant obstacle. You can do that by making sure they are not part of your support group. Plain and simple. Remove them out of your inner circle. 

I know it hurts to hear doubters doubting your dream. I also know their words and mockery are irrelevant compared to what you gain by leaving their negativity behind. 

So go on and dream big: it will happen.