Dinner Party

Monday, May 3, 2021

I didn't grow up with dinner parties but I love the idea. To be honest with you, most people would come to our home for lunch when they did. Dinner parties for me are an American experience. 

I mostly watched people going to dinner parties in movies. Interestingly, everything mostly works. Even when there's conflict around the scene, everything looks chic and delicious. 

My life doesn't resemble the party movies I watched. There are dishes in the sink. Our home is way bigger than the small New York apartments we saw on screen. We also have kids who are often part of the party. 

COVID interrupted many things, including our habit of having people over. With the dawn of a new day in Texas, I decided that I wanted to host more dinner parties. 

I started hosting a mystery dinner party. Mystery because the guests didn't know one another. I want to say that they left as friends. That was super cool. 

The dinner menu was Brazilian food. I bought flowers and lit the candles. I didn't have time to make dessert so I bought it from the store. Nevertheless, the company was the main dish, the food and the environment, the sides. 

I miss the nearness of people. Dinner parties give me that. Even when we text and see people on a regular basis, the dinner party offers the opportunity of unhurried conversation. Good conversations lead to connection. 

Connection is the conduct for friendships. Life post-COVID requires that we re-examine our friendships. Nothing and no one is off the table. It is wise to make the commitment to count your friends. If you are honest, you lost some long before COVID. Others, you never had. Why hold on to something that is no longer life-giving? 

If I can't connect with you in a meaningful way, chances are, we really aren't friends. We are acquaintances. Acquaintances are okay. I do make more room in my life for true friends. 

My goal of hosting more dinner parties is my way to make room for true friends. I also believe in introducing friends to one another. 

I honestly get a kick of saying "this is So So, you're gonna LOVE her." I'm not selfish with my friendships. I'm not a friend hoarder. I believe the heart is big enough to accommodate multiple friendships. The heart is insightful enough to know which friends will be close friends and which ones will be simply friends. 

The arms of friendships are always open, willing to embrace everyone. Friendship's table is inviting, willing to save you a seat, fix you sweet tea and give you your favorite dessert. 

I'm eager to see how my dinner parties will produce fruit. I hope they provide a much-needed place for friendships to begin or to start again.