Ducks in a roll

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

I'm not sure why I think that the idea of having my ducks in a roll work for me. It makes sense. It means organizing tasks and scheduling them so that I am ready for the next step.

The problem is life. Life has a way of distracting the ducks so they do not stay in a roll. 

Take kids for example. I remember getting them into a routine. The moment I thought, "I got this" my little ones changed. 

Talking about routine, I feel the same thing about my home. I have and enjoy my routines but things happen. Recently, I had quite a few events happening at my home and I had to be flexible because my routine the week before was different. The events still happened and my attitude adjustment gave me sanity.

I can't relate to the idea of having ducks perfectly in a roll at all times because life is not that predictable. Also, let's be honest and let's observe that ducks do before and after they get on a roll. They roam, eat, poop, scream, and even sleep. People only notice them when they are in a roll. 

I think this is a more realistic way to live. Do what you need to do, when you need to do it with purpose. 

The goal is not to be robotic and synchronized. The goal is to find purpose for the tasks at hand. Let me get less theoretical and more practical.

It is almost summertime and the kids are out of school. Our school year schedule is completely gone. While I am grateful I no longer have a tight morning schedule, I miss the predictability it gave me. 

My goal is to find the purpose for the summer. When I have that purpose in mind, creating a summer schedule makes more sense. Our summer schedule is not rigid. We do think about with the purpose in mind but we allow ourselves to enjoy the season for the flexibility it brings.

I will enjoy my free-er mornings. I will enjoy the extra time to prep dinners. I will enjoy teaching and learning new skills. It won't look perfect but it will be purposeful.

How do you feel about the idea of having your ducks on a roll? How does that work during the summer?