Sunday Seven

Saturday, May 29, 2021

1. Unplugging is so necessary. My family and I had the honor and blessing of unplugging for a bit. I find that unplugging helps me recover, reconnect and get much-needed refreshment. Recover from the arduous pace of life. I'm grateful for the life I live but honestly, it is arduous. Reconnect with family is so precious. The new memories we make are priceless. Refreshment is something I need but I don't realize how much until I unplug. I'm grateful to God and the friends who made this all possible. 

2. One of my WW coaches reminded me to reflect on the past year. When I look at numbers themselves, I'm 4 pounds lighter than last summer. When I look at the entirety of my lifestyle, I can see that I grew so much. The one thing that helped the most was a healthier mindset about tracking. Without insisting in changing my mindset, I don't think I would be in this healthy place. 

3. These days, I am grateful for my friends. I decided to embrace the close friendships I am developing in East Texas. My friends are part of my life and vice-versa. My friends are there for me when I need them and vice-versa. My friends are easy to love. Easy to get to know and easy to support. I am so blessed to be surrounded by a great group of friends. My friends make time for me. Whether we grab coffee, talk while the kids play, or sit down for lunch, we keep in touch and we know exactly what's happening. Who can ask for anything more?

4. The theme of these past 3 months has been "you are stronger than you think." I embraced this mindset when I joined CrossFit. In my personal life, I've relied on God's strength to plunge into Godly renewal. Gaining strength is not easy or convenient but needed for quality of life and longevity. I can't tell you how many times I had to change my mindset to get through a tough workout. It clearly can make me stronger. I just need to bring the correct mindset, technique, and a joyful disposition. Such is life. No one is exempt from difficulties. We need to face our problems with a Godly mindset, technique, and disposition. 

5. My husband has been teaching me a lot about perspective. Zeke is a great teacher. Recently, he reminded me to look at our kids' perspectives during a recent challenge. They kept their cool. They were calm and they were joyful. The clear image inspired me to be more like a child when it comes to my Heavenly Father. He's a very present help. All I need to do is to have the right perspective. 

6. Zeke and I have been married for almost 15 and a half years. I remember looking at people who were married for 3 years when I was a newlywed. I was in awe of so many years. I'm amazed at how quickly time goes by and what we decided to do during these years. Zeke's love for me can't be measured in the years because it feels infinite. I'm deeply grateful for the righteous way he leads our family. I'm amazed that God would love me so much He'd give me His very best in and through Zeke. I pray that I can honor, respect, and uplift Zeke every day from words to thoughts to deeds. 

7. A question I have been asking my kids is: how will you solve a problem in the world? A few of them have been thinking about it. I want to plant a seed of possibilities. I know God will bring growth and fruition to what we plant as parents. As I ask them, I am accountable for the same question. How am I solving a problem in the world?