Summer Health Project Week 1

Sunday, June 13, 2021

May 31 was the day I decided to start a summer health project. I needed new encouragement. I've been with WW for a few years but I am yet to be a lifetime member. 

When I started November 1, 2017, I was weighing 175 lbs. Today my official weight is 147.6 

My weight from 2017-2021

During the pandemic, our local WW workshop was closed so we were weighing ourselves at home. I always get a lower number at home then I do in the workshop. I decided to start using the workshop number because it is official and it is the only way to get to lifetime. Back to my current health project. 

The first week of my health project was filled with obstacles. It was camp week for most of our family. I too went camping with my younger kids. Here is what worked:

1. I went to camp with the plan to eat until I was lightly satisfied. I also meant that when I went to the cafeteria and all they had was pizza and fried chicken strips, I was going to eat vegetables. I ate a lot of vegetables y'all but it was worth it. I didn't get sick. I actually felt very healthy the entire time. Eating foods that give me the best energy and eating until I was lightly satisfied were great strategies.
2. I took snacks to camp. I bought different snacks than the kids. I'm so glad I did. I bought these mini chocolate rice cakes that were delicious. I prepacked them so that I'd have the correct amount of points. I also paced myself. I fought the urge to eat all my snacks in one day. One day, I walked 7 miles. That day, I was extra hungry and I needed extra energy so I saved my Clif Bar for that day. I am encouraged that this strategy totally worked. 
3. I tracked. Tracking helped me remain in control of what I was eating. We went to Cici's pizza on the way there and back. I tracked my salad, soup and pizza. I looked at the points before we arrived and I made it work. Cici's is a place I go to every 5 years. It was good to eat for fuel and now that I know I lost weight, I see that tracking works. 
4. I ate replacement meals mostly. I heard there's a difference between a "replacement" meal and a "celebration" meal. My meals at camp were replacing what I'd eat at home. Celebration meals are the ones I save weeklies for. The mindset that I was eating for fuel to for feasting helped me succeed. 

Here were my challenges:

1. I didn't sleep enough. I really missed sleeping the correct amount of hours per night. 
2. Wednesdays are difficult days because I'm super tired. I could have made a better food choice but I tracked and decided to wait until today to eat again. Tracking wins yet again. 
3. I experienced a little stress. The amount of stress I experience had decreased quite a bit. I'm very grateful.

This week at WW, the topic is about setting proper goals. I'm really enjoying what I am learning. The upcoming week does not include travel but we do have a big family celebration. My plan is to save points to enjoy that day. I also plan on prepping my food ahead of time. I always succeed when I prep my food. 

Here are the project stats*:

June 3 - 150. 2
June 10 - 147.6 

*I'm using the WW workshop weight instead of the one I see at home.

Thanks for joining me on this journey! Oh, part 1 of the project will officially be over July 9. I'll pick it back up when I return from summer travel. My goal is to arrive at 136 lbs.