What I learned this Spring 2021

Friday, June 18, 2021

"Spring is God's answer to winter seasons of life." 
Cintia Listenbee

My Spring started with the culmination of 40 days of no complaints. I learned that my complaining problem is a sin problem. I know God doesn't have a problem with complaints but He does have a problem with my ungrateful hearts. Those 40 days stretched me. I turned complaints into repentance. I prayed for a grateful heart and I cultivated a thankful attitude. I'm grateful to those who joined me in this journey.

I grieved the fact that 2020 wasn't a writing year for me. Understandably, I had a lot on my plate. Everything moved online and communications is my job. I had to think fast and strategically. I also did a whole lot more video appearances at work. That was fun, it was also a growth area for me. I recorded a lot of podcasts because there wasn't enough time to sit down and write. I decided 2021 was going to be more of a writing year. I moved my journals to my nightstand and I am actually using them. I also wrote a lot during Lent. I learned that there is enough time to sharpen my writing skills if I really want to put in the effort. 

My oldest baby is 12. My parents and grandparents used to say "time passes and we fly." I know exactly what they mean. I blinked and my baby turned into a teenager. I treasure all he has and is teaching me. I treasure the young man he is. I take my responsibility as his mother with seriousness, joy and thanksgiving. 

We prayed a lot this Spring and it wasn't a fad. I'm grateful that our church decided we are people of prayer and we make the sacrifices necessary to live this reality. 

This Spring, I decided to stop complaining about what I lost so I could welcome the new God has for me in East Texas. I decided to treasure the friends I made. I decided to gather a community of women who are living for God and changing their areas of influence. In a tangible way, I learned that Spring is God's answer to the winter seasons of life. 

This Spring, I lost a lot of dear people. Heaven gains, our loss. Grief has been difficult this Spring. I tried to stop and cry when needed but still, go on living as my dearly departed would want me to. 

My youngest baby turned 9 this Spring. She is God's very best 9-year-old. The gift I knew I was missing. We stopped to thank God and to celebrate her life. I can see how joyful life can be through her eyes. I can see the genuine and pure side of friendships. I am eager to see how God is going to continue to use her life. She's a little girl that's gonna change the world.

I totally wasn't expecting this, but this Spring, I went back to counseling. I am learning so much about God, myself and my surroundings. I believe in counseling. I am just grateful for the opportunity to grow despite the things that happened to me. 

My husband is amazing. He always encourages me to be better. He is incredibly patient and loving. I thank God for giving me Zeke. He truly is my greatest gift.