Summer Health Project Week 2

Friday, June 18, 2021

 This past week was a celebration week at our home. My youngest daughter celebrated a birthday. When there are birthday celebrations, we eat things that we normally wouldn't. 

I was able to enjoy the celebration and still remember my goals. I learned that each week, each day, each occasion requires a plan. My plan for the birthday was the following:
• Eat a lot of veggies when eating out. I ate steamed veggies for lunch, salmon and a salad for dinner. I did enjoy the dessert (ice cream cake).
My plan for the rest of the week was:
• Exercise 5 days - I was able to do that.
• Sleep at least 7 hours - this went really well. 
• Manage stress - I was able to get some professional help in this area, which is always a plus. I also practiced what I preach.
• Prep my food - I prepped my breakfasts (overnight oats), which made life so much simpler. 
• Tracked - I tracked daily, as best as I could. 

When it was time to weigh in, I had my questions. I honestly thought I'd gain because of the celebrations of the week. I lost 0.4 lbs this week! 

My goal for next week is to stay away from foods with added sugar. I also want to track, rest and maintain the right mindset about this project.

Here are the project stats*:

June 3 - 150. 2
June 10 - 147.6 
June 17 - 147.2

*I'm using the WW workshop weight instead of the one I see at home.