Camp Listenbee 2021

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

We started the summer with a view of 24 hours. We divided our 24 hours into a pie chart and talked about how we can better use them. 
The kids had a few swim competitions and they won quite a few races! What a beautiful growth I see in 1 year of steady swimming. 
We went to science camp. Zion did robotics and the girls, coding. They created some fun things. 
VBS was a blast. This is the last year my older two participate. Growth came too quick and I'm glad they went to VBS since they were babies. Time to volunteer!
Second to the swimming pool, this is the place they went to the most. Readers are leaders. Leaders are readers.
My nephew visited for a couple of days. We all went to the movies. It had been a while! The kids used their own money to buy snacks. 
We took the kids to the restaurant where we had our first date. They were not impressed but we thought it was a full-circle moment. 
Our church had a family night event. It was super fun.
We have two summer birthdays. We love celebrating birthdays as a family. 
We went back to school shopping. It was a slow day, which was good for us. We grabbed lunch, dessert, coffee and headed back. We felt accomplished. 

Today as the kids are back at school, I am thankful to God for an amazing summer. Summers are so enjoyable. They fly by. Kids grow and God's faithfulness to us is steady.

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