Sunday Seven

Sunday, October 10, 2021

1. Cultivating closeness as a family is worth the effort. Sometimes, small moments of togetherness take a lot of hours and effort of preparation. It is all worth the effort because of the fruit it brings. 

2. We put songs on repeat because of the way either the melody or lyrics speak to us. Some songs should be on repeat. I guess we keep repeating until we fully believe them.

3. Last month went by swiftly. Now that October is upon us, I am wondering what will we become as a result of the decisions we will make this month. 

4. My favorite thing about the Fall is Thanksgiving. I am glad we are almost there. While we don't, I am finding ways to express my gratitude to God and others. 

5. Our church just finished one out of 3 weeks of fasting and prayer. I learned so much this first week. Mostly that God is better than I can ever imagine. I also learned again that God hears and answers prayers.

6. Digital minimalism is something worth pursuing. It may be hard in the beginning but in the end, life will be so much better with it. 

7. I'm having fun adding array of colorful vegetables to my meals. Not only they become visually appealing but my health benefits from it too.