Slow weight loss progress

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Sometimes, weight loss takes time. I struggled with my weight a lot but since I got married, I've been winning. 

I didn't know that in my lifetime, my weight would fluctuate. I also didn't know what it took to live a healthy lifestyle. Once I got married, I decided to learn. These lessons came after I discovered I had high blood pressure. 

Once I got my blood pressure under control, I continued my health journey. 2017 was the year I just couldn't get a hang of my weight. Stress was my problem. I was exercising habitually but the eating part was difficult for me. I told myself not to lose hope. I told myself, do what you can with what you have. 

Once I went back to work, I joined WW. I was 175 lbs at the time. My most recent weight is 143. It took time to get to where I am. It's been painfully slow. I'm learning the following lessons: 

Slow progress is still progress. My doctor told me that if I lose slow, chances are I will maintain the weight loss. She was correct. I haven't gained anything I lost since I started WW. I also had a chance to adapt to the weight loss. I'm a different person than I was in 2017. The slow process allowed me to fully be the healthy person I set out to be. 

Slow loss is great for the mind. I am more compassionate thanks to this slow process. I accept failures are doorways to lessons. My mindset game is strong. I know exactly how I need to think in order to live the healthy life I want to have. I also learned that there's more to healthy living than calorie counting. Sleep counts. Mindset counts. Movement counts and journaling counts. 

Slow progress helps the body. I'm stronger than before. It took learning from mistakes. It took giving up the good for the great. I allowed myself to change my approach to fitness, eating, and even drinking water. My body has responded well. I feel well and I am growing stronger, thanks be to God. There is no magic pill and I believe that progress is supposed to be slow. There is merit in showing up day after day and putting in the slow work. Looking back over years is the way to see progress. 

I'm really close to reaching lifetime status at WW. I'm ready to get there. While I don't, I'm looking back with gratefulness for slow progress.