Sunday Seven

Sunday, November 28, 2021

 1. I love thanksgiving. It is my favorite American holiday. I think it is because we unashamedly thank God for all His blessings. We gather with family and we eat special food. Thanksgiving gives my heart a different sparkle if I can put it like that. A happy one. 

2. I'm glad most races are back in person. The running community is big, strong, and thriving. When we gather to run, I feel encouragement, strength, and joy. 

3. My husband's birthday is tomorrow. I adore Zeke, so celebrating him is a great joy. We met around his birthday 18 years ago so I actually threw a huge birthday party for him before we started dating. I know. Who does that? I do. I absolutely love celebrating birthdays because I believe that celebration is God's gift to be enjoyed. I'm looking forward to celebrating the most important person I will ever meet not only tomorrow but for the rest of my life. 

4. I watched a million cooking shows during the holiday. Most of them were America's Test Kitchen. If you never heard of them, you totally should. Other than family recipes, the only recipes I take seriously come from THE Test Kitchen.

5. Our family loves to travel. We were blessed to travel a few times this year. I recorded a podcast filled with travel tips I think you will enjoy. Subscribe to the Simply Cintia Podcast so you can be one of the first friends to listen!

6. I am thinking both about this year's goals as well as next year's. I believe that when I review my goals, I make peace with what is so I can press on to what's next. I found a good method to review my goals. I will explain it this week on the podcast as well. 

7. We decorated for Christmas before leaving home for the holiday. It was such a special time. Our family loves the Christmas season. We decorated the house, listened to Christmas music, ate cookies, and enjoyed dinner together. Our house looks happier at Christmas time. Thank God for Jesus. Without Him, none of this would be possible.