Small Steps Count

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

We are in full holiday mode! Last Sunday, our church had a Christmas Show. It was a 14-hour day for us, which we enjoyed and appreciated. The thing was, I wasn't going to have time to go home and eat. I planned on taking my food with me but I honestly forgot it. A good friend of mine offered help and she made me a great salad. I was so incredibly grateful. The salad gave me all the energy I needed to have a great day. This is a photo of one of the performances. Everyone involved was such a blessing and joy to serve with. 

Back to weight loss. I maintained the past two weeks. I called it a win because these past two weeks have been so busy. My plan to get on track after the holiday is the following:

• Come up with a specific plan

• Follow through with the plan

• Adjust your approach as needed

 • Remember that each small step counts.

Yesterday, I tried to follow my own guidelines but it was tough. Today, I am starting fresh if you know what I mean. I had a difficult workout, drank lots of water, and ate well.

My specific plan is to eat a lot of veggies for enjoyment. I plan to follow through with this plan daily. My approach will have to be adjusted because of the concerts, parties, and events we have scheduled for this year. I'm going to find a creative way to remember that each small step counts.

What matters is not a number on the scale but the healthy moments we get to enjoy because of the small choices I am making. Just as a way of encouraging myself, here are a few small steps I took since Thanksgiving:

• I went back to exercising 5 days a week

• Weekly Meal and food prep

• Daily stress management

• Drinking 60 oz of water most days

• Sleeping 7 hours per night

• Baking for others and not eating the treats

• Focusing on people, not obsessing about food

• Not giving up.

Doing what you can with what you have counts. Small steps count.