Sunday Seven

Sunday, January 2, 2022

“Whatever makes us spiritually passive also leaves us spiritually vulnerable.” Francis Francipane

First Sunday of 2022. I thought about last year in so many ways. I believe that reflection is necessary to move forward. 

I've been thinking about my spiritual life. I'm not sure if you thought about the things that made you spiritually passive this past year. Here are seven of the things on my list:

1• Being too busy - One year ago I was chronically busy. My to-do list pushed my spirituality to the side. I hate it but it's true. I was still going to church. I just was not allowing myself to be in God's presence without being in a hurry. 
2• Browsing the internet aimlessly - The fight of my life. Good thing I'm winning. I'm not letting my guard down. 
3• Offenses - I got offended a lot. Working through those offenses stopped me from being the woman God called me to be. 
4• Hurts - It's difficult to connect with God and others when you are hurt. 
5• Being unwilling to forgive - I don't think this needs explanation. It is always fun when you say you forgave but you really didn't. 
6• My own mistakes towards others - The most difficult thing to admit but very freeing when you do. I made a lot of mistakes. 
7• Not loving God and my neighbors with my whole heart - Being a Methodist kid ingrained this in my mind. There is always more room to love God and neighbor with my entire heart. 

I can't ignore that which makes me spiritually passive. Often, it makes me spiritually vulnerable. How do I fix that? I believe that being aware of being spiritually passive is a good idea. You can't fix what you won't face. I believe that awareness should also place us at the feet of the One who can guide us into His truth and healing. Life with God brings freedom, joy and growth. The more I seek God's truth as I read in the Bible, the more He reveals His best for me. 
Thanks for listening.