New Year Old You

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Every year, I bring my old self to a new year. I bring my failures and mistakes. I certainly do it in the area of weight loss. 

I was so stressed out between 2014 and 2016 that I gained all the weight I lost back. You can watch a video of how I lost 50 pounds here

I worked hard and lost 50 pounds by myself in 2014. I didn't have money to pay for a weight loss support group. I learned a lot from all the groups I belonged to in the past. I took that knowledge and applied it to my life. It worked. The knowledge I did not possess was how to successfully lose weight while managing stress. 

I started my search for that knowledge. I mostly decided to try to lose weight by myself again. It was difficult. The one thing I kept telling myself was "do not give up." I also kept thinking that when I had a chance, I would go back to WW. 

I'm a pastor's wife and I am a mother. I wanted to lose weight so I could serve God and my family more efficiently. I got back to WW and learned a lot of valuable lessons. They came slow but they did come. 

I took possession of the knowledge and I continue to use it daily. 

It is taking a long time but I am losing the weight I gained. The great news is, I haven't gained anything back since I started back in 2017. 

I'm almost at my goal weight. The thing is, the old me has accompanied me to this year yet again. The good news is:

• I now know how to overcome barriers;
• I know how to keep my healthy habits even in the midst of busy seasons;
• I know how to manage stress without food;
• I am able to enjoy who I am and the body God gave me;
• I have the energy to care for my family;
• I feel healthy and energetic 
• I have clarity of purpose;
• I am stronger than before;
• I enjoy helping others.

If you can use some encouragement in your journey, please join my HOPE Health Support Group on Facebook. It is a free group for people who are doing this without being part of a major group but would like some encouragement. 

My plan is to continue to blog about my journey. If you have any specific questions or topic suggestons, feel free to reach out. Happy old you this new year!