Sunday Seven

Sunday, January 30, 2022

This blog started as a weight loss blog. I quickly got tired of it. Thankfully, I didn't erase my first entries. I used to write about the process of losing weight. I gave details on everything I ate during the day. I shared everything I was learning. 

Looking back, I can see the seeds I planted are producing a harvest. Here are a few things I learned in comparison to when I started blogging about weight loss:

• There isn't a magic formula. One does not fit all. I knew it then but now I am more than certain. I also learned over the years that it is not wise to criticize people for their approach to weight loss. What everyone does welcome are support and motivation. 

• Not everything people post on the internet is true. I don't think I thought about it then but now, I see that you can basically say anything you want without being truthful. 

• Growth is a beautiful thing. I grew a lot in many areas of my life. When I started my journey, I would talk about how I wanted to be a healthy mother one day. Well, here I am, a mother of 3. I had no idea about how much motherhood and health can be interrelated. 

• Weight fluctuates. Daily. Perhaps moment by moment and certainly, over the years. This is just the nature of being a human being. 

• Health is wealth. I knew I needed to lose weight and I was determined to make it happen. The grind blinded me to what true health means. I now know and appreciate it very much. 

• The discoveries along the way make this journey exciting. I discovered so many interesting things. For one, the area of nutrition. I discovered distance running and CrossFit. Practicing sports has given me more joy than I knew possible. I also discovered the joy of implementing a great health plan in my daily life. I am discovering that feeling well is worth the investment. 

• Sleep has a lot to do with how well I feel. Sleep is something I didn't research at first, nor its correlation to weight management. Sleep is the magic key. It is important to invest in it.