How to learn from your life

Friday, February 4, 2022

Life offers endless opportunities to learn. Here are a few simple steps!

Listen here:

1. Start with Gratitude. Go to Episode 1 of season 5 for a deep dive. I believe that if you need wisdom, you need to make peace with gratitude.

2. Look where you came from - compare where you were 4 weeks, 3 weeks ago, 2 weeks ago. I can see improvement in my stress level. What did you do differently? 

3. Look for 3 positive actions. Looking for the good might be a new idea for some of us. It is not about being prideful but it is about celebrating good choices. What gets celebrated gets repeated. 

4. Look for 3 areas of improvement. The goal is to improve, not to condemn. I learned that my mindset needs improvement. So when it comes to fitness, I learned that I was not giving all that I could give. I looked at my goal and decided to have a positive mindset when I got to the gym. I also learned that I was making excuses for success. I asked myself, “why?” I looked back over my life. I noticed a pattern. I decided to journal about that topic. I basically wrote 3 paragraphs. They clarified my mind and I made a decision to improve in that area. 

Okay, the ball is on your court. How will you learn from your life?