Sunday Seven

Sunday, January 9, 2022

7 gratitude lessons.

I'm starting a 40-days of no complaint challenge today. These lessons were learned in the past 2 years as God taught me and continue to teach me what it means to be truly and permanently grateful.

1 • Gratitude is always a matter of the heart. 

2 • Gratitude continues as a matter of the mouth. 

3 • If you need to grow in wisdom, master gratitude. 

4 • Only when we recognize we have a problem with complaining can we truly change. 

5 • Repenting from our sin of complaining brings us true freedom. 

6 • This process will only be a habit change unless we feed our hearts with God’s words. Bible reading fuels a life of gratitude.

7 • We will complain again. When the complaint is unfruitful, we will need to remember how to get back to a place of gratitude. Remembering to recognize, repent and read will lead to lasting change.