Monday, January 3, 2022

I started the day as I often do, on my knees in prayer. Today, I thanked God for the privilege and blessing of life. I submitted my life to His service. I drank coffee and read the Bible. God has been using Isaiah 30:15 lately. I treasured those words. My mom sent me a message. I will call my parents later. A few friends started sending me messages from far away. A phone call from Australia. A friend working among armed groups in the continent of Africa stopped to send a blessing. A friend in northern California sent a message. Social media made birthdays wildly fun. You get hundreds of messages. This year, I am planning on being present with my sweet family near and far. 

I went to CrossFit and had a great workout. When I came home, I took a shower. When I came out of the shower my family surprised me with gifts and they prayed for me. I got a ninja blender, some thick winter socks, ferrero rocher, a candle and birthday cards from each one of the kids. 

We had breakfast and went to Dallas. We went to Sam Moon where I bought a few pieces of jewelry. We took the littlest one to American Girl then we went to the mall. I got my Starbucks birthday reward. The kids went ice skating. Most did not enjoy it but it's okay. You have to at least give it a try. 

We headed back home after that. I took a nap on the way back. My sweet neighbor stopped by with a gift and for a visit. We are so blessed with neighbors who are loving friends. 

We all got ready for the next day which is the first school day of the year. 

I received a lot of phone calls and messages from near and far. I enjoyed speaking with my family and friends. Their good wishes and blessings were so meaningful and important. 

I'm most grateful to God for family. I treasure our family and our habit of celebrating birthdays. We ended the day by reading out loud, sharing our favorite part of my day, and prayer. 

God is good. I'm grateful for a quiet birthday. My heart is filled with gratitude. 

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