Sunday Seven

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday Seven is all about things someone told me or I heard. Enjoy!

1. "Every day I look for a blessing. Today, you are mine." Ms. Barbara, 82 years old • I've been blessed to meet a lot of good people. Ms. Barbara is my latest new friend. 

2. "Stop denying your systems." Ms. Loretta • Ms. Loretta helped me identify why I wasn't succeeding in my health journey. It was a systems problem. 

3. "This man is a miracle. He shouldn't be alive today." A local pharmacist • I heard an incredible story about a person who was really sick but God had other plans. 

4. "Your words mean nothing. Character protects your words." Myles Munroe • Words without character are empty. 

5. "You deserve to celebrate the steps. Not just when you reach the final destination." Dr. Gary Foster • If you wait to celebrate when you get to the finish line, you may run out of steam.

6. "We don't rise to the level of our goals. We fall to the level of our systems." James Clear • I had to think about my systems deeply this week. It was a good thing to do. 

7. "I spent my entire life wanting people to like me. Little did I know that God had a wife whose mission was to love me." Zeke Listenbee • I am so blessed to be married to Zeke. Loving him is so easy.