Everyday actions

Friday, March 4, 2022

Small actions matter. Don't take yours for granted.
I've been amazed at the power of small actions. I'm especially grateful to them when I have a large project ahead of me. 

Running my first marathon seemed quite unfathomable if it wasn't for the power of small actions. 
My first action was to sign up for the race. My next small action was to join a running club. The club gave me a plan that helped me go from couch to marathon. My next small action was to follow that plan each week. My finisher medal proves that small actions matter. 

You probably practiced small actions before. They led you to graduate from high school. Small actions led you to your wedding day. Small actions are powerful if we use them. 

This past week, I used small actions to lead me to a healthy week. Some of my kids had been sick. I had household chores and work to do. While everything felt overwhelming, I decided to stop and think about any small actions that could help me be healthier. My motivation is to be strong to take care of everyone and everything God graciously blesses me with. 

Here are a few small actions I took:
• I isolated the sick kids
• I made a list of medicines and groceries I needed 
• I cleaned bathrooms as needed (there was a bit of body fluid going on)
• I decided to wash dishes as soon as I used them
• I canceled all my appointments 
• I decided to rest 
• I set a goal for exercise for that week 

I'm grateful to God my kids got well. Shortly after, we had guests at home. Small actions I took allowed me to get our home quickly ready. 

The reason why I was able to get my home quickly ready for guests, it was because I decluttered our home consistently. Because things were decluttered and organized, I was able to find everything I needed for our guest. 

The small actions I took that led me to quickly get ready for guests:

• I decluttered the guest room
• I decluttered our linen closet
• I decluttered the guest bathroom
• I put everything my guest needed in the guest bedroom 
• I cleaned the guest room

The key for me was not to get overwhelmed with the enormity of the tasks but to take small actions daily. 

I breakdown my small decluttering actions in the following way:
• Get all supplies ready (trash bags, cleaning supplies, water bottle, cell phone)
• Start the timer in my cell for 45 minutes 
• Declutter for 45 minutes 
• Rest or do whatever I want for 15 minutes 

Following this process has led me to get and stay organized. 

Recently, my small action was to prep and pre-pack 3 days of food for myself. I prepped grilled chicken, broccoli, salad, hummus, and chicken salad. These foods were easily accessible and they allowed me to add a lot of nutrition to my week. When I eat better, I feel better.

I remember being overwhelmed by so many different projects. I remember thinking that the enormity of the tasks meant they were impossible to accomplish. Now I know that small actions matter. I no longer take them from granted. 

Which small action will you take today?