Sunday Seven

Sunday, March 6, 2022

1. We are deep in the Lent season. We are reading "The Way to the Savior" by Abbey and Jeff Land. You can watch the Lands speak about the book here. You can buy the book here. Easter is the highlight of the Christian year. Because my husband is a minister, we have the tendency to get lost in the busyness of the season. A family devotional always helps us to slow down and focus on what's important. 

2. I enjoy reading the Bible Scriptures that lead us to the resurrection of Jesus during Lent. I always think that it is nice to get all the details of everything that happened. My Bible in one year (well, twice in a year now) reading doesn't take me to the Gospels until the end of the year. I sometimes forget small details in the Spring so these readings are so important and relevant to me. 

3. I learned to make the Easter meal a special meal to our family. During Lent, we remind the kids that Easter is all about Jesus. I cook a special meal and I often have a cake with "Jesus is alive" written on it. The more I point all things to Jesus, the better!

4. Easter traditions growing up were distinct. What I remember the most is the joy we all felt about Easter Sunday. You'd think it was Christmas because people displayed great joy. I want this joy, the joy of the Lord, to be perceived in me.

5. I love Easter hymns. We did not emphasize them with the kids these past few years but this Lent season, I am going to make the effort to teach them. I think hymns are important to our spiritual formation and future encouragement. The lyrics stay with you. They often come up when you need encouragement. It is also fun to bond with Christians from all over the world who know the same melody.

6. Every "high church" holiday is an opportunity for me to learn something new about Christ. I always pray that I learn something new. I don't want to take Jesus for granted nor my faith and fascination with Him. 

7. If your hope tank is low, I invite you to take this season of Lent as a special time to get it up. Jesus' victory on the cross gives me more than a 'get out of hell' card. It gives me hope for every day. I know the world is in turmoil. I'm not sure if I've ever lived in a world that wasn't. Jesus' victory on the cross is so relevant. I challenge you to open your heart to Jesus this Lent season.