Sunday Seven

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Today we leave our friends in Texas and move to Georgia. Here are seven reflections from this past week: 

1 • Friends are a treasure. My family and I have been blessed with friends who love us well. We had a chance to say what they mean to us and they told us what we mean to them. I've been undone. I didn't know a lot about what was happening when I met some of my friends. Their words of friendship and appreciation filled my heart with joy and my eyes with tears. 

2 • I cried a lot this week. Every time I move, I say goodbye to friends at parking lots. I've been crying a lot in parking lots and the crying continues inside my car. My tears are of joy and gratitude. To love and to be loved by faithful friends is a blessing I do not despise. I am immensely honored to have so many great people in my life.

3 • I was blessed to see my children's friends show how much they appreciate them. I believe that friendship is generational and we teach our children how to be good friends. I am grateful to the parents of these incredible kids. They are doing a great job demonstrating what real friendship is all about. Our family has been the recipient of such kindness, which is so humbling.

4 • I made a list of things to do before I leave Texas. It quickly turned out to be a "to eat" list. Haha! This week I had Texas barbecue, Texas sheet cake, and Texas trash. We went to Bucees and bought t-shirts. I bought an apron made with the Texas flag. How I loved my time here. Mostly because of the great people who became our friends. 

5 • My neighbors became my family. We lived in two great neighborhoods. I relied on neighbors from both places to help me. They let me come over and cry. They let me come over for coffee. They let me come over just because. My neighbors introduced me to their families. They invited me to be part of their lives and they gave me access to their heart. I can't thank God enough for my neighbors. 

6 • Moving wasn't overwhelming because I decluttered along the way. My family was very helpful too. Everyone lent a hand getting organized and prepared. Cleaning up our home wasn't as awful as I imagined it would be. We prayed a prayer of thanksgiving when we closed the door for the last time. God led us there on purpose. He is the same God leading us on.

7 • The adventure continues. While tears are part of the path, joy is the stuff that paves the way. The joy of the Lord is our strength. We strongly expect God to continue to be amazing to us. He is wonderful in all of His ways. He is leading us and we are following.