Sunday Seven

Sunday, April 3, 2022

1 • Living closer to our family is a joy and a blessing. For 16 years we haven't been able to live close to family but thank God, now we do.

 2 • I'm in the process of choosing a new Box. CrossFit has become part of who I choose to be so I started my search. It's been simpler than I thought it'd be. So far, everyone has been welcoming and great at what they do. I want to see results. I want to show up and work harder than before. Stay tuned.

 3 • I am grateful to have a church to belong to. They have been more than we could have prayed for or imagined. I’m grateful to God for blessing us with our church family.

 4 • The last time I moved, I tried to manage that initial lonely 'pause' with activity. I guess it was because I got to be surrounded by people and therefore I felt less lonely. Thanks to God, marvelous people walked into my life. This time around, I’m shying away from activity. Partly because I learned my lesson. I also don’t want to skip the lessons silence teaches me.

 5 • I found my scale and decided it was time to weigh in after weeks of vacation and moving. I worked on my mindset. I got some great coaching prior to weighing myself. The result was not bad at all. I'm amazed at how WW is for real life. I don't have to cheat or "fall off the wagon." I can live my life as it comes knowing the effort I put into nutrition gives me the results I dreamed of.

 6 • Kindness and respect are great ways to treat others.

 7 • Georgians are generous. Period.