Grace for the busy week

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

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The problem with being busy is that your top 3 priorities can easily turn into top 5. Then, there's a list of groceries, cleaning tasks, home repairs, kids' needs, and on and on. 

I'm learning to own the fact that life is full of things to do. If I denied it I would not be truthful. I'm learning not to be overwhelmed with the number of tasks each week presents me. 

I'm learning to write my vision for the week. Even when I decide to assign all my tasks to one day, I give myself several days to accomplish them. 

Even the things that seem "impossible" to get done make it to the list. I am reminding myself that God has all power. He can give me favor to accomplish things that are beyond my ability. 

There's grace for your busy week. Here are a few guidelines to get it all done this week: 

• See ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. God has to be our top priority. Without connecting with Him, life does not make much sense. We want to connect with God first not because a pastor told us to because we want and need God in our lives. He has all the grace, peace and wisdom we need to accomplish what He is calling us to do. This could be a whole message but I prefer to start with God because He can give us discernment. Discernment allows us to keep things on our list, delay or remove things from our list. Only God can give us wisdom in this area and we need wisdom.

• Remember the long-term effect of today's actions. I heard that we overestimate how much we can accomplish in one day while underestimating how much we can accomplish in one year. Today's actions have a long-term effect. A 45-minute decluttering session does not seem like much at first sight but each time you choose to declutter that room has a long-term effect. Drinking more water today might not get your summer body instantly but the long-term effects of hydration in the body are undeniable. 

• Ask yourself: is it urgent, important, is it necessary? These questions can offer a way of discerning what makes it to the top of your priority list. I have a task I need to accomplish for my kids' school today. It is not urgent but it is important and it is necessary. I am putting that task at the top of my to-do list. There are other things on my list that are not urgent or important but are necessary. These go at the bottom of my list. Questions bring discernment. 

I hope these few thoughts can help you have an incredibly productive and effective week.