Sunday Seven

Sunday, April 10, 2022

 1 - When a goal seems hard, I learned to take it one day at a time. Small improvements really help me stay focused on what I want to achieve.

2 - I signed up with @bgbstrength CrossFit. I enjoy their approach to fitness. I appreciate their expertise. I’ve been welcomed warmly in every class I’ve attended. I’ve been truly inspired by everyone I met. I was also told to keep showing up, which I appreciate!
3 - The kids had a second Spring Break which meant we explored our area. We had so much fun and there’s so much more to explore.
4 - Spending time with family has been delightful. I can say that all of our hearts wanted to be together in person again. Now that I’m not too far away, we’ll make it happen way more often.
5 - I’ve been compassionate with myself because we recently moved. The tendency is to hurry up and get in the grove. I’m allowing myself to slow down for the sake of self-compassion. At the same time, I’m resuming some of my routines.
6 - I heard someone say that if you don’t take care of you, everyone has the rest of you, not the best of you. These words encouraged me to take care of myself first, unapologetically.
7 - “Don’t give up” is what I tell myself when the going gets tough. Discipline, not desire, is what leads me to my goal. #sundayseven