Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Summer is for reading. I recently signed all of us up to participate in reading challenges at our public library. We do love to read. Those prizes we get are a nice perk too! 

Have you thought about the lasting effects of what you choose to read? Some books I read don't have a lasting effect. Except for the Bible. Every time I go to it, I leave with hope and increased peace. I also gain a deeper knowledge of God.

What do you read when you need hope? Social media posts? Poetry? Fiction? What are the lasting effects of your reading choice?

I believe that whatever we choose to read can benefit us. I am learning that only the Bible offers eternal effects for my soul. 

The effects of other sources of hope do not last. I feel good for a little while until I don't. I learned to organize my reading schedule with the Bible as a priority. 

When I read the Bible for myself, I take a deep dive into the mind of God. It is an organic experience. I don't need a mediator to read the Bible. It was written just for me. I'm thankful that I can read and be blessed. 

When I wake up feeling burdened by worries and concerns, I go straight to my Bible. Even if all I do is read one verse, it helps me. The word of God is true. I need God's truth to guide my thinking and my living. I would be hopeless without it. 

The guidance I receive from the Bible informs my thoughts, actions, and the direction of my life. 

I appreciate the many ways I can interact with the Bible. I can read it on my own. I can read it with my family. I can study it at church. Each time I come to the Scriptures, whether by myself or with others, I grow in my love and knowledge of God. 

It has been said that the heart can't love what the mind doesn't know. I am determined to know God so I can live the way He wants me to live. 

Have you thought about the lasting effects of your reading choices?