Conversations in the heat

Friday, June 17, 2022

This week has been especially hot in our area. Summertime brings the heat and we adapt to it. I’ve had a lot of conversations in the heat this past week. Our kids are in the swim team. I see friends and neighbors as we come and go from practice to meets and everything in between. 

I had a lot of good conversations I’d love to share in part. 


1 • One of my neighbors decided to invest in her health. She told me about her health journey. I admire her determination to make time to take care of herself. We all know we can’t give what we don’t have. I admire those who take action toward living a healthier life. 

2 • Each time we move, I collect funny stories from the OB’s office. These stories are not public. I only share them with a few friends who need a good laugh. I never expect humor in the OB’s office but it is there waiting for me. 

3 • I enjoy taking to strangers. I had a conversation with someone from the other team while we were watching our kids swim. We ended up talking about what it means to grow roots when you live away from family. Who do you want to bring into your kid’s lives. We also spoke about what a joy it is to have Christ as our hope. 

4 • I think I receive quite a few indirect questions from my children. One of the most common ones is, how do we see the world? Our lens is God’s word. The Bible guides us because it equips us for every good work. We often think of who God is and what is His good plan for us. Then, we do just that. 


Every conversation we have is a chance to get to know the other person better. It requires listening. It requires allowing yourself to leave the comfort of solitude. Connecting through conversations, no matter how quick it may be, can bring richness to our lives.