Two Years in East Texas

Saturday, June 26, 2021

We've been in East Texas for two years. Our anchor scripture verse hangs at eye level, close to the kitchen table. A sweet friend cross-stitched it and framed it for us. She understands. She desired to bless and encourage us. We are grateful. 

East Texas is different than any other place I've ever been. I am grateful for all the lessons I am learning here. Here are a few:

• Pay attention to first impressions. They are more right than not. Through them, I have learned to show unconditional love. 
• I'm so tired of racism. It happens everywhere, not just here. I often wonder why some places are more at ease with it than others. The real question is, what is in the content of the heart. That's where the issues of life reside.
• I am learning to grow through my mistakes. I am learning to take the first step and apologize. I am learning that in a lot of cases, I won't get an apology. I am learning to be content with it. The real test of faith is practicing forgiveness as Jesus commands it.
• I'm learning that forgiveness and wisdom walk hand in hand. I freely forgive as Jesus commands. I also put up wise boundaries so that I can continue to go on towards my goal. 
• Adapting without changing who God made me to be has been a challenge. I went to counseling. I thought about it. I am taking a deep dive and still not really surfacing at what that needs to look like. The good thing is that there are people who see me for who God created me to be. I see them too.
• I think the top decision I've made was to show up as myself everywhere I go. I believe that one day I will have the wisdom and the distance to see if that's even a good idea or not. For now, that's the best I have: authenticity.
• I'm meeting a lot of kind souls. I'm choosing to believe that the kindness I am encountering is a result of the work of God on earth. I'm encouraged.
• I'm learning to focus. I thought I was pretty good at it but there's room to grow. Such is life. 
• There's no perfect place except for the will of God. That is exactly where I want to be. 
• I'm thankful for the friends who really see me. A lot of people look at me but a few choose to see me. I am grateful for that.