Sunday Seven

Sunday, September 25, 2022

1. Hardship has the potential of making us stronger. I see this daily in my CrossFit training. I would say that most things I do today, I couldn't do on day 1. I kept showing up. I trusted the process. I didn't allow myself to back down from challenges. I'm stronger than I was on day 1. I'm excited about the potential for future growth as I remain consistently patient. 

2. Following wise pursuits bring peace and joy. I know the results of going after worthless pursuits. Browsing mindlessly. Wasting time worrying about things I can't control. Harboring unforgiveness. These things have proven to be worthless in my life. The way of wisdom leads us to fruitful results. It holds our hand as we walk beside still waters. It restores our souls. It is good to know the difference. 

3. After peace, answers arrive. I'm learning to do what it takes to get to a peaceful state of mind and heart. Jesus is the Prince of peace. He freely gives us peace, not as the world gives. I find the answers I need are often on the other side of making myself receive perfect peace. 

4. God places me where He wants me to be. The more I find peace in His leadership, the easier it is to live out His assignments. I'm firmly planted in my family. I'm firmly planted in His house. Any assignment that comes my way has to go through His plan and approval.

5. My husband is an incredible blessing from God. I'm grateful for Zeke's commitment to me and to our family. In 4 months we will celebrate 17 years of marriage. My prayer is that God will continue to lead our family.

6. On my worst days, I've learned to feel my feelings. I also learned not to dwell in them.  I learned that acting on behalf of others helps me find the simple joy of being human. This ability to do good for the other is truly a gift from God. 

7. Prayer is and will continue to be my lifeline. I choose not to live one day without praying. I'm not sure where I'd be without God.