What I learned this Summer 2022

Friday, September 23, 2022

A truly peaceful summer is something I didn't have to seek because it was there. Peace is a great companion. It eases the mind, heart, and emotions. Peace is the atmosphere I have always wanted to dwell in. 

Friends will come to see about you. They will find you, no matter how far you are, they will come for you. This summer we enjoyed the closeness of friends and family. 

How we adapt to change is a matter of character, preference and choice. Character because when you're my age, your reactions to change display what you're made of. Preference because we all have one. Choice because we get to vote on how we react to change. We can be miserable because of change or marveled by change. We can't have both.

Summers are for swimming. The kids enjoyed being part of a neighborhood swim team. We got to meet and make good friends during the summer.  

This summer I saw dreams come true through my daughter's eyes. They told us that both of their birthdays were better than they expected. Children dream freely. We certainly encourage them to dream big and believe God's goodness with gratitude in our hearts. 

My children and becoming young adults. I see them growing right in front of my eyes. I stopped and celebrated one of our kids with a celebratory tea. It was an occasion to bless, encourage and celebrate the start of Christian womanhood. It was a beautiful blessing to our entire family.

God blessed me this summer beyond my wildest dreams and expectations. I am grateful because He is good at all seasons of life.

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