Sunday Seven

Sunday, September 11, 2022

A few thoughts to inspire you.

  1. Small steps lead to great accomplishments. This is the fourth of six weeks of intentionality. Although I had high expectations of myself, I knew that small steps are the secret weapon of achievement. In my experience, small, steady steps add up. I saw it during my higher ed years. Each assignment led to successfully completing classes which led to my degrees. Even failed attempts to succeed gave me inerasable wisdom. I had to make peace with starting small. I had to accept that my limitations are not permanent but designed to teach me resilience. 
  2. Silence is a good friend. I learned that being silent is not a weakness but a tool of the wise. I'm learning to befriend pauses. To observe things invisible to those who choose noise over insight. I think I will keep living this way. I am finding extra joy I didn't know existed.
  3. Parenting with Godly wisdom does not mean you will only have easy days. I am learning that even in difficult seasons, God is by my side. I fight through the proclivity to want a quick fix and God's desire for heart change. Often, I need to change. God is after both mother and child. Submitting myself to God means trusting His process in my life as I parent my children. Am I going to trust God's wisdom or am I going to rely on what I see? A heart submitted to God's way can see beyond the difficulties. A trustful heart can press on, even through the toughest parenting moments. 
  4. Relationships are built through consistent engagement. If I want Godly wisdom, I need to consistently engage with it. I'm learning to keep Scripture in the forefront of my mind. If I keep secular content in front of my mind, I will only get one result. I desire wisdom from God. I ask for it. I read it. I think about it. I practice it. I teach it to my kids. I want to live it daily. It is easy to measure if we are engaging more with worldly wisdom or Godly wisdom. Just take a look at your weekly media intake. Your mind will follow the number of messages you are feeding it.
  5. I've learned to be okay with rejection. After so many encounters, I learned to greet it and let it be. Rejection is not my portion nor my identity. God is. 
  6. I am grateful for my Bible teachers. Each one has been faithful to awaken in me a passion and hunger for the word of God. 
  7. A person who does not give up in the face of adversity needs to be commended. Resilience is built during the many times we fall yet refuse to stay down.