7 epic Mondays

Monday, November 7, 2022

There are 7 Mondays left in 2022. I believe this is enough time for something epic to happen. No, we can't leave "epic" to chance. We have to do the work. How do you get started?

• Take an inventory of your life. The goal is not to feel bad, nor it is to feel sad. Inventories are void of feeling. They care about facts. Where are we? How much do we have? Taking inventory helps you establish a start line. You can't get to epic without having a clear start line. Inventories will help you figure out where you are. I know inventories can be painful. I will practice what I preach by taking inventory of my life without regarding my feelings. 

• Decide what your finish line will be. I remember not knowing how to run. I used to see people do it. I wondered how in the world they could breath and run at the same time. One day, I decided my finish line was going to be a local 5K race. Because I had an end in mind, it was easier to figure the breath thing as well as all the other variables. Your finish line might be a closer relationship with a loved one. It might also be learning a foreign language. I invite you to physically (or digitally) write down what your finish line will be. 

• Take a small step today. I wasn't always active. I remember sitting in my living room suffering with high blood pressure. Life became too busy to go on walks. I knew I needed a radical change so my health and quality of life could improve. After I went to the doctor and received medical care, medicine and advice, I went home. I got a random notebook and I wrote the following words "one day I will enjoy exercising." That, my friends, was my small step. 16 years later, I truly enjoy exercising. I've ran 7 marathons, 7 half marathons, and countless shorter distances. I practice CrossFit most days of the week. I'm growing in strength and skill each week. You don't need to like what I like. What you can do, is take a small step towards your finish line. 

Small steps are the most underestimated tactic in goal setting. Why? They don't get as many likes as the "before and after" pictures. Small steps are powerful because of the purpose they carry. The goal of a small step is to teach you steadfastness. They allow room for resilience and unmistakable persistence. When you make peace with this approach, you will see a renewed sense of well-being and even enthusiasm. Well-being because your life will get better incrementally. Enthusiasm because even in your toughest days, you know you can count on the secret power of taking those small steps. They bear unbelievable fruit to those who choose to plant them. 

7 Mondays. Your 'epic' will not happen on its own. I invite you to join me in this worthy pursuit of our potential.