What is stopping you from starting?

Thursday, November 3, 2022

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We've all been there. We know we are supposed to start something but we don't. Whether the something is a goal you set in January, a decision that needs to be made or a difficult conversation, we have become experts in avoidance. Here are a few things that stops us from starting. 

Self-sufficiency vs. accept help - self-sufficiency says, I want to build a building but I will build it all myself. I will draw the blueprint. I will work on construction. I will install all the fixtures. While I'm at it, I will do the inspection myself. The problem is, if we get stated, we never finish the building. When we accept help, we are able to rely on the strengths of others to complete our project. As yourself, how can I ask for and accept help today?

Overthinking vs. focus on one small step - When we overthink, we do not have room to imagine solutions that will lead us to accomplishing our goals. I remember overthinking during a career move. The amount of variables inside my head gave me a literal headache. When I made the decision to pivot, I started with a small step. My small step was a deadline. That small step was freeing. I could see the future and that way of thinking led me to other small steps. The solution here is to focus on one step at a time. Ask yourself, what's my next small step?

The right answer vs. rely on curiosity - Sometimes, there are no discernable right answers when making a decision because life is not an exact science. When my brain locks itself in this right and wrong mode, I can't truly use my imagination. The answer is to rely on curiosity. Curiosity asks, "what if..." but with a positive outcome in mind. What if this works out? What if this decision leads to a wonderful outcome? It may take a lot of determination for some of us black and white thinkers. Yet, we can release ourselves to the wise use of curiosity. 

Procrastination vs. start now - I learned what procrastination was during my first year of college. I don't think this exact word and translation exists in my language. Yet, I understood what it means and I didn't want any part of it. I learned that procrastination keeps me away from my goals. We know from psychology that people procrastinate to avoid ambiguous, difficult and unstructured situations or decisions. This time of year, we procrastinate wellness decisions in the name of a busy holiday schedule. We lie to ourselves and we say that come January 3 we will get started. The reality is, if we start now, we can get ahead of the curve come January 3. I invite you to turn your back to procrastination and walk towards what you want. Start now. Start small. 

I'm sure we can add to this list. Friend, what is stopping you from starting? The answer to this question will help you achieve what you always wanted.