It wasn't meant to be

Thursday, November 10, 2022

It took a while but I finally admit: it wasn't meant to be. I interviewed well. I had more experience than the position required. I had more education than the interviewer. I'm also Black. They took a good look at my confidence and stopped communicating. I can honestly say, it wasn't meant to be. 

Some of us can relate to being rejected during interviews. Once, someone was doing a favor for someone so I got interviewed. 

I noticed the interviewer didn't want to be there. She had a "strong cold" which now that I look back, could have been COVID. 

She was unwell, unprepared, and unwilling to listen to me. We went through the motions. I interviewed well. I'm also Black. She took a good look at my confidence and asked a secretary to tell me no thanks a little while later. 

It wasn't meant to be. 

I learned a lot from those two experiences. The undeniable thing is that being Black and educated is not popular in some areas of the country. If you are confident on top of that... get out of the way. People don't know what to do with you. 

I know it wasn't meant to be. Looking back, I'm okay with the other lessons. 

I learned what it feels like to be rejected. I learned what it feels like to be interviewed by people who are not acting professionally. I know what it feels like to be despised because of who you are. I know what it is to forgive and let go because it wasn't meant to be. 

Before I stepped into those rooms, I knew not to do that with people. Equality, equity, and politeness are the way I treat others. People come with the great worth God gives them. Why treat them as anything less than that? 

It wasn't meant to be. Forgiveness is a gift. I let go of the pain that comes from experiences like this. 

I embraced empathy toward people who feel like I felt. 

What I'd tell them is, I'm sorry. You don't deserve to be treated that way. You are a professional with a positive attitude. Don't allow people's actions to dismantle your great worth. 

Things will work out one day. Experiences like this remind me that maybe God was revealing their true character. Maybe He was molding compassion and empathy inside of me. 

Maybe, He knew that I'd look back and say, it wasn't meant to be and that's a good thing.